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Europa Scleral lenses were designed to be completely customizable. We believe you should be able to customize everything – not only your Europa lenses, but also the level of support and service you want from us.

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Unique Eyes? Customize

Four Core Customizations

We use our extensive, exclusive knowledge of scleral shape to create lenses that can be adjusted in four core ways for a unique, patient-matched fit.

ELEVATE Your Scleral Fitting

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Quantifying fitting challenges & utilizing our exclusive scleral shape data to offer resolution


Uniquely designed

Utilizing our proprietary algorithm to gradually adjust our lenses from limbus to periphery


Adaptive fitting

Allowing diagnostic fitting to rise to the next level using proven customization methods


Data-driven process

Developing lens design customizations based on scleral shape data to be shared with everyone

Need help getting the best fit possible?

Europa Scleral Customizations

fg-toric europa scleral

Toric haptics have been shown to provide improved comfort, fit (decrease in debris) and lens stability.

visionary optics spherical-top-difuse europa scleral

Spherical lens design that offers optimized fit, comfort and vision. Not all eyes need toric haptics!

visionary optics fg-quad-2 europa scleral

Off-set toric haptic showing different magnitudes of steepening along the periphery.

visionary optics Presbyopia-Large europa scleral

Presbyopia option allows for both center near & center distance options.

Visionary Optics europa scleral lens

Precision Lift technology to vault over scleral obstacles of any shape or size – we can elevate all the way into the mid-peripheral zone of the lens.

visionary optics BiToric europa scleral

Astigmatic correction (front toric) integrated with back toricity (toric haptic, quad, Precision Lift).

visionary optics fg-mm-1 europa scleral

Steepening customized areas (not limited to 90 degree quadrants) have been shown to help with lens decentration.

fg-quad-1 europa scleral

Quadrant-specific steepening and flattening 180 degrees away.

visionary optics fg-quad-3 europa scleral

Toric haptic with a quadrant-specific flattening incorporated.

Refocus on a Better Fit

Europa Fitting Set

16mm Diameter Lenses

The Europa Scleral is a 2nd generation Jupiter Scleral lens that has been uniquely designed so that it is able to successfully fit a wide variety of corneal and scleral geometries while improving fit and comfort.

Europa scleral lens fitting set Set, Visionary Optics
Visionary Optic's Elevate Europa Elevated Quadrant Specific Fitting Lens Kit

Elevate your Fitting

Europa Elevate Fitting Set

Europa Lens Extension

As an extension of the Europa Fitting Set, the Europa Elevate Fitting Set includes new advancements and resolves decentration complications. This new set lifts your scleral fitting and takes your patient’s lenses to the next level.


20-Lens 16mm Fitting Set

  • 14 Spherical & 6 Toric Haptic
  • Risk Free 90-day Guarantee
  • Improved, Compact Storage
  • User-Friendly Labeling
  • Lowest Price in the Industry

Our risk free warranty includes a 100% cancellation policy within 90 days.


ELEVATE 16mm Fitting Set

  • 8 Quadrant-Specific & 6 Toric Haptic  (Extended Range)
  • Resolving DECENTRATION Complications
  • Quantifying Fitting Challenges
  • New Advancements, Same Great Support

Contact us for cost-effective bundling options when purchasing sets together.

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Our Latest Innovation

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! We are learning so much about scleral shape and informing our design and remake process with the data that we collect and analyze. Whether you own an sMap3D™ or not, you and your patients benefit from our vast store of knowledge.

Of course! Our presbyopia option is designed to offer simultaneous near and distance vision. It is a concentric bifocal design with a near or distance center. We default to a 2.0mm center zone; however, like all things at Visionary Optics, this is customizable.

We recommend  Acuity Polymers’ Acuity100 (dK 100) and Acuity200 (dK 200) materials. View all of our materials here.

We do! Any approved materials can be Hydra-PEG’d for your patients. Just request it at the time of order and consider it done!

This is not necessary. Our Europa Scleral lens has been uniquely designed to fit a wide variety of corneal and scleral geometries. Multiple fitting sets are not needed to separately fit oblate and prolate corneas, as is often the case with other scleral lens designs. Simply apply the flattest lens in the fitting set that will give you the best central clearance possible. Our Consultation Team can then manipulate our design to obtain an optimal fit on an oblate cornea. As always, send pictures!

No. Our scleral lenses offer a unique combination: they’re user-friendly and straightforward to fit, but also come with the most advanced customization options available. We are firm believers in not overcomplicating what can already be a complex fitting process. Unless topography data or clinical observation/experience warrant it, our team will always suggest a more conservatively designed lens to begin with. But when needed, our design features, backed by data and experience, can help you solve the most challenging fits-ones that could not be resolved with previous lens designs.

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