Elara Scleral Lens

The Elara Scleral design offers a prolate geometry and is designed to fit the regular cornea. An increased corneal zone design allows it to successfully vault small to large corneal diameters.

The Elara’s liquid reservoir is intended to continuously hydrate the corneal surface. The haptic section of the Elara Scleral lens is designed to rest evenly on most eyes without compression but can be modified as necessary.

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Visionary Optics Elara Fitting Set

12-Lens 15.5mm Fitting Set

  • 6 Standard & 6 Flat Lenses
  • Risk Free 90-day Guarantee
  • Improved, Compact Storage
  • User-friendly Labeling

The Elara Scleral features are designed to provide:

Essential Hydration

Providing relief with a liquid reservoir continuously hydrating the corneal surface.

Continuous Comfort

Wears all day with complete comfort.

Optimized Vision

Provides clear, crisp vision of a GP lens.

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