Simple Fitting. Expert Results.

Our complex data, your streamlined fitting.

Designed with new and seasoned fitters in mind, the Europa Tangent simplifies the fitting process by using a three-zone fitting system, so you can focus on the changes you want and not the ones you don’t. Customized fitting does not need to be complex.

Step-System Independence

Step-System Fitting

Easy-to-understand three-zone fitting system delivers fitting success.

Parameter Independence

Parameter Independence

Focus on the changes you want, not the ones you don’t.


Contour Adjusting Technology

Limbal and landing curve enhancements are derived from profilometry data.


Softer Landing Zone

Smoother, softer transition patterned after our free-form design.

Contact Lens Spectrum Special Scleral Lens Case Report Edition.

Read more about the Europa Tangent in our case report entitled Coming in for a (Tangential Scleral) Landing.

Product Focus: Experiences with Visionary Optics’ Europa Tangent

Read more about Visionary Optics’ Europa Tangent in this Contact Lens Spectrum article.

Customized, Not Complex.

Streamline your scleral fitting.

Independent adjustments that will not affect the other lens fitting characteristics: When using the new step system on the Europa Tangent lens, changes can be made to the central, limbal, or scleral zone of the Europa Tangent design without affecting other lens parameters (up to + 300μ). Each step is done in 50μ increments.







The Europa Tangent design incorporates a single-curve scleral landing zone that is tangential to the average scleral curvature.


Europa Tangent Fitting Set

Tangent 12-Lens (16.5 Diameter)

(6)   Spherical Lenses
(3)   200µ Toric Haptic Lenses
(3)   400µ Toric Haptic Lenses

  • Available to scleral lens fitters of all experience levels
  • Best for new Visionary Optics fitters (Welcome to the family!)
  • Ideal option for fitters wanting independent parameter adjustments & step system fitting
Europa Scleral tangent design lens case, Visionary Optics

Step into a new fit with the Europa Tangent