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Revolutionizing Scleral Lens Fitting

Let Data Be Your Guide

One million measurement points.

Only one scleral lens company – and one device – offers that level of technological precision for mapping the shape of the eye.

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Evaluate with Diagnostic Lenses

Developed from years of research.

Our diagnostic fitting options offer data-driven customization within comprehensive, user friendly, cost-effective set options.

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Our Latest Innovation

Latitude® – the first scleral lens to be completely custom made to exactly fit the corneal and scleral surfaces based upon scleral topography measurements.

Retain contact lens wearers with VibrantVue®

Universal Fit Technology

Europa Scleral lens is designed to deliver an optimized fit, comfort, and vision for successfully managing patients with a wide range of irregular corneal conditions and ocular surface disease.

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Latest Insights

SIGHTSUPPORT: Improving the Quality of Life

Scleral lenses have the opportunity to change patients’ lives and on World Sight Day, we would like to introduce our new lens assistance program, SIGHTSUPPORT – helping cover lens costs of the patients that need it the most. Learn more.

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Virtually-Designed Scleral Lens

Virtually-Designed Scleral Lens Management

Backgound: Toric haptic scleral lens designs are prescribed more often than in previous years. Recent interest in mapping the sclera and conjunctiva is proving that scleral shape is highly variable and may explain the difficulty in fitting some patients with scleral lenses

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