Specialty Lens Starter / Travel Kits

Specialty lenses require special care and attention.

Our convenient starter/travel kit for your scleral lens patients can help!



What is included in the Starter / Travel Kits?

Travel Kit

What’s included?

  • VibrantVue® Scleral Saline
  • Tangible® Clean Multi-Purpose Solution
  • Extra Lens Care
  • Inserter / Remover
  • Reusable Zipper Case
  • VibrantVue® Contact Lens Hand Prep
  • EZi Insertion Ring



Scleral Lens Handling

Our Scleral Lens Handling & Care Guide provides you with guidance and information on:

  • Insertion
  • Removal
  • Handling & Care
  • Scleral Lens Tips
  • Hydra-PEG Coating Information
  • Scleral Lens Solutions