The iContour profilometer delivers iconic patient care

Prescribe patient-matched, personalized, scleral lenses

The iContour captures detailed data of the cornea, limbus, and sclera, informing the design of Visionary Optics’ personalized scleral lenses

360° Eye Coverage

Capture extensive coverage using an advanced and efficient data acquisition system.

10 Micron Precision

Achieve a high level of precision in data collection for accurate lens customization. 

1 Million Measurement Points

Utilize an extensive dataset for detailed and informed lens design. 

Proprietary Stitching and Design Algorithms

Benefit from advanced algorithms designed to ensure optimal lens design and fit. 

Virtual Lens Fitting Tools

Access virtual fitting and analysis tools for your fitting process and patient education. 

Over the past 6 years, Visionary Optics customers using profilometry achieved a remarkable 7x growth compared to those relying solely on fitting sets.*


7x Growth

*based on 2018-2023 internal company data

Profilometry Success Stories: Directly from Our Doctors!

At the heart of iconic patient care is the iContour:
a profilometer that is designed to accelerate patient satisfaction and practitioner efficiency

Completely customizable scleral lenses

Take scleral lens fitting from art to science

As the pioneers of scleral lens classification and shape, our team is highly skilled at assisting each practice in harnessing the full potential of the iContour. Together, we’ll collect scleral shape data, transform that data into customized lenses, then optimize each lens for the best patient fit.

Our scleral lenses are designed to minimize refits by prescribing lenses directly from surface measurements and user-input requirements.

We offer three different data-driven scleral lens designs:

Europa Lens

Predetermined (5) Curve System
Offering comprehensive advanced adjustments from quadrant-specific modifications to data-driven customizations.

Europa Tangent Lens

Predetermined (3) Curve System
Offering a three-zone fitting system, independent adjustments, and a tangential haptic design patterned after the Latitude.

Latitude Lens

Freeform, Completely Contoured
Offering unlimited possibilities and unparalleled customization, ensuring uniform clearances regardless of corneal irregularity.

The total experience with a partner you can TRUST

Our team is with you every step of the way

From data to design, the whole fitting process is completed within Visionary Optics – we will analyze, design, manufacture, and consult on every lens order, so you can deliver the best possible lenses to your patients and minimize refits.


of experience with profilometry


profilometry designed lenses across 90 practices


of our manufactured lenses are scleral lenses


scleral lens obsessed consultants

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