Seamless Integration

Minimize Your Refits

Our scleral lenses are designed to minimize refits by prescribing lenses directly from surface measurements and based on user-input requirements. View virtual fits and customize lens parameters with the goal of achieving optimal fits for every eye in one platform.

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Our Proprietary Stitching Method

How do we stitch?

Utilizing the proprietary stitching algorithm, the sMap3D™ combines multiple gaze directions into a complete model of the ocular surface, minimizing eyelid interference. Map the entire cornea and sclera, with a true range of greater than 22mm diameter, 360° around.

Surface Coverage sMap3D Eye Gazes
sMap3D Eye Gazes Grid Surface Coverage

Why do we stitch?

The use of the straight gaze (only one image) frequently provides insufficient superior and inferior scleral coverage to accurately measure the full surface of the eye out to the diameter of the scleral lens. Full data coverage is required for accurate sag and scleral toricity measurements, which are critical to optimal scleral lens fit.