Scleral Lens Rinse & Insertion Solution

Your patients will use VibrantVue® Scleral Saline to rinse their scleral contact lens prior to insertion and as an insertion fill solution for large diameter (scleral) gas permeable lenses.

Sterile, preservative-free,

0.9% saline solution

  • 100 single use 5mL vials
  • Preservative-Free
  • FDA Cleared
  • Made in the USA

So how does it work?

Choose between either option below or use a combination of both!


Direct your patients to our VibrantVue® patient website for hassle-free ordering. We’ll take care of all the details, from shipping to inventory management and payment processing.

Your Patients Order at (Subscriptions Available)


Your Patients Receive Trusted Product from a Trusted Partner


You have the flexibility to stock both large and small inventories for direct patient sales. Alternatively, we can arrange direct shipments to your patients or set up automatic deliveries for your practice.

Order Scleral Saline Through Visionary Optics

  • Place your order for Scleral Saline inventory using your Visionary Optics Account Number
  • VibrantVue® Scleral Saline can be purchased individually or in cases of ten (most cost effective); we can also Direct-Ship to your patient by request

Offer VibrantVue® Scleral Saline to Your Patients at Dispense & Follow-up Visits

  • Opportunity to expand synergistic offerings to your scleral lens patients – premium, high-quality products and additional revenue sources for your Practice
  • Auto-ship inventory replenishment programs are available to ensure you always have a supply

Interested in VibrantVue® Scleral Saline Samples?

Complimentary VibrantVue® Scleral Saline samples are available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Option 1 (Patients Utilize E-Commerce): No, you do not need an account for your patients to order from our e-commerce site, Please simply direct your patient to the website.

Option 2 (Inventory & Sell Direct to Patients): Yes! If you don’t currently have an account, it is simple to get started!

Option 1 (Patients Utilize E-Commerce): Both are available. Our auto-ship/subscription program will ensure your patients receive a new supply of Scleral Saline every three months (or within a time period of their choosing – each box of Scleral Saline is approximately a 3-month (90 day) supply). We offer both a yearly (4 box) discount and a 5% subscribe and save option for patients who sign up for automatic replenishment of VibrantVue® products.

Option 2 (Inventory & Sell Direct to Patients): Absolutely! Our order management system allows for our team to enroll you into a flexible auto-ship program – you can choose the frequency, quantity and location. And, of course, this can always be changed should you find that you need to adjust any of the details. Not only will this auto-ship program ensure you always have a supply on-hand for your patients, but it can also help ensure you are not having to inventory too much at one time. We know that space is always a concern in busy, technology-filled Practices!

Option 1 (Patients Utilize E-Commerce): We understand how important it is that patients have their Scleral Saline for their scleral rinsing, filling and insertion needs. Scleral Saline will ship out within 24 hours of order placement (many times sooner).

Option 2 (Inventory & Sell Direct to Patients): VibrantVue® Scleral Saline will ship out within 1-2 business days to your Practice.

Each box has 100 single-use 5mL vials. This is approximately a 3-month (90 day) supply when using 1 vial daily for contact lens insertion.

VibrantVue® Scleral Saline is the latest FDA cleared scleral filling solution, offering a top-tier, budget-friendly option for your patients. Visionary Optics, as your trusted scleral lens partner, is here to partner with you in managing the quality and sourcing of your patients’ eye care products.

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