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Completely Contoured

The Latitude Scleral exactly conforms to the scleral shape at the landing zone and is designed to have uniform central, mid-peripheral and limbal clearances regardless of the degree of corneal irregularity.

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A New Era of Scleral Lens Fitting

With a foundation of over 6,000 scleral topography examinations, Visionary Optics’ research indicates that most patients’ corneal and scleral shapes do not conform to scleral lens designs based upon peripheral curve systems; such lenses constitute virtually every other design in the marketplace.

Data required to fit the Latitude lens is based upon an sMap3D™ corneal-scleral topography examination.

Patients corneal & scleral shapes do not conform to traditional curve systems,
so why should their lenses?

Did you know that 25% of your normal cornea patients require highly customized scleral lenses?


At least 65% of your irregular cornea patients require highly customized scleral lenses.


Visionary Optics has analyzed and designed lenses for over 6,000 eyes (and counting) using scleral shape data.

A Latitude Lens
Success Story

See how one of our patients is now seeing 20/15 OU.

This eye failed to achieve vision better than 20/200 for over 10 years with other scleral lens designs/options.

Our Freeform Lenses

Latitude’s uniquely contoured design allows for an exact fit to the ocular, corneal, and scleral surfaces (shapes).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There is no pre-determined curve system for the Latitude. The lens is designed completely from sMap3D™ topography data (over 1 million points!) and cannot be empirically fit.

First and foremost, we have to be provided with a good sMap3D exam. Because the Latitude design relies solely on sMap3D data to contour the eye, we need as much data and coverage as possible. Second, we need to ensure that the patient was not wearing a lens directly before the exam. Please ask your patients to be out of their corneal or scleral lenses at least 2-3 days minimally, optimally 1 week. If both of those occur, we have a very high rate of 1st fit success!

Technically, every patient could benefit from a Latitude lens. It offers a completely contoured, unique fit for each patient, improving comfort, vision and ocular health.

The Latitude lens is a premium freeform customized lens design which may be reserved for more complicated fits involving a larger degree of irregularity, scleral toricity, asymmetric keratoconus/ectasias, pingueculas and patients who have had multiple failed fits, to name a few.

Our research is revealing a link between corneal and scleral astigmatism that leads to excessive limbal clearance. These patients are excellent candidates for the Latitude lens to offer more consistent and appropriate clearance over the limbus.

The same as any scleral lens. Minor adjustments may be required, if any. Please review our Latitude Guide or contact our Consultation Department for more information!

Some of our doctors are fitting most of their patients with Latitude lenses. Others prefer to directly indicate to Visionary Optics’ sMap3D Consultants which patients they want to fit with the Latitude. Many decide based on our consultant’s recommendations.

Visionary Optics consultants analyze each patient’s unique sMap3D data set and eye shape to determine if Latitude or Europa design is indicated. Next, our consultants communicate the design shape recommendation to the doctor and/or staff. We will only process Latitude design after direct approval from the doctor and/or staff. If a doctor elects to use the Europa lens design, we will manufacture the Europa lens, with the understanding that the pre-designed curve system cannot fully address the asymmetry that is inherent in scleral lens fits using a Europa or any other scleral lens design available at this time.

We offer our same risk-free warranty that includes a 100% cancellation policy within 90 days. Our goal is to provide you with a successful fit every time. If this is not possible, a full refund is provided. We do limit the fit to 2 remakes (3 lenses in total). This provides more than sufficient opportunity to address adjustments that might be required or requested.