Why Visionary Optics?

Visionary Optics is not a newcomer to the scleral lens industry. We have specialized in the designing and manufacturing of scleral lenses for 17 years. Our goal is to know more about the scleral surface and scleral lenses than any other company in order to streamline the fitting process for our customers. We are the “go to” source for doctors who want to fit scleral lenses.

“I found Insight Vision Center and it was life-changing. He solved all the issues I had – my lenses are comfortable and they don’t get foggy – from the first pair of lenses that he designed for me [from the sMap3D]. When I look back, I think – WOW, I have come so far & why? Because I can see.” – Larissa

Watch Larissa explain how much her life improved with the help of our sMap3D and scleral lenses.

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