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We offer the full spectrum of FDA-approved material options with a wide range of Dk values. All of our lenses are warrantied and plasma-treated.

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We proudly recommend Contamac material for our customized lenses.

Material USAN Dk Color (max lens diameter)
HEXA100 Hexafocon A 100 Blue (16.7), Clear (20.7)
Optimum Infinite Tisilfocon A 180 Blue (16.7), Clear (20.7)
Optimum Extra Roflufocon 100 Clear (20.7)
Optimum Extreme Roflufocon 125 Blue (16.7), Clear (20.7)

Tangible Hydra-PEG is available on our complete line of FDA-approved, fully customizable scleral lenses. The addition of this polymer coating is especially useful in the patient with Ocular Surface Disease and Dry Eye. The coating completely encapsulates the lens, is ultrathin, and does not interfere with light transmissibility or oxygen permeability. It has been demonstrated to: improve wettability, increase surface water retention, increase lubricity, reduce deposits and fogging, and improve comfort.

Additional materials available:

Material USAN Dk Color (max lens diameter)
Boston XO Hexafocon A 100 Blue (20.7), Clear (24.7)
Boston XO2 Hexafocon B 141 Blue (16.7), Clear (20.7)
XO Package Insert
XO2 Package Insert

Material USAN Dk Color (max lens diameter)
Acuity 100 Hexafocon A 100 Blue (16.7), Clear (20.7)
Acuity 200 Fluoroxyfocon A 200 Blue (18.7), Clear (18.7)
Tyro-97 Hofocon A 97 Blue (16.7), Clear (24.7)