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When it comes to fitting scleral lenses, every practice & eye care practitioner is a little different. That’s why we make the conscious effort to be a different kind of scleral lens company.

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Navigate Scleral Shape with the Experts

Visionary Optics pioneered the classification and understanding of scleral shape. All of our lenses are data-driven and backed by technology and our unparalleled expertise.

of patients can be successfully fit with
1 remake or less.

of lenses dispensed end in successful fits.

of our manufactured lenses are sclerals.

*Based on internal company data 2021

Europa Scleral

Our newest Europa Scleral design has been customized to have a smoother, softer transition to the landing zone. The Tangent Design has been patterned after our free-form, data-driven lenses along with a streamlined step system method for troubleshooting.

Our renowned 2nd generation design offers the most advanced range of customization options. The Standard Design is driven by our extensive & exclusive knowledge of patient scleral alignment data from our corneo-scleral topography data.

The Elevate Design is an extension of our Europa Fitting Set (Standard Design) that includes a data-driven, quadrant-specific design that resolves decentration complications and allows for optimization of each peripheral zone.

Which Fitting Set is Right for You?

Correcting Higher Order Aberration has never been easier and more accessible

Providing better lenses and better care to those who may need assistance due to financial hardship.
Retain contact lens wearers with a higher level of contact lens wear & eye care.

Latest Insights

What’s New in Midday Fogging?

In the January 2023 edition of Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Maria Walker et al. examined scleral lens midday fogging (MDF) in 26 eyes of 13 neophyte Europa scleral lens wearers. Quantification of MDF was achieved by analyzing AS-OCT images. Samples of the fluid reservoir were analyzed by liquid chromatography-tandem…

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Clearing the Mist: How to Tackle Scleral Lens Fogging

Why do patients experience scleral lens fogging? Despite the fluid reservoir being a closed environment, a commonplace occurrence among SL wearers is midday fogging (MDF) where debris builds up and become trapped within the FR. It has been reported that up to 46% of patients fit with SLs demonstrate MDF.…

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The People Behind the Lenses: Yeni Santiago

Yeni Santiago supports doctors and their staff in the customer service and billing department, playing a significant role in assisting VibrantVue® patients. Joining in 2020, she brings an in-depth understanding of optometric practices to her role at Visionary Optics.

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The People Behind the Lenses: Rosemary Hayes

Rosemary Hayes has been an important part of the Visionary Optics team for 14 years. Rosemary is grateful and proud to be part of an amazing team that makes a difference in other people’s lives. She has a background in management and has worn many hats within the company since…

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