Visionary Optics created our SIGHTSUPPORT Program to support those who may need assistance due to financial hardship. We believe every eye (and story) is unique. That’s why our SIGHTSUPPORT Program covers any level of customization & lens design.

Complete Application

Complete our Visionary Optics SIGHTSUPPORT Program Application to submit your request. We will review and respond to your request within 48 hours of submission.

Submit Your Patient’s Lens Order

Submit your patient’s lens order as you would any other order – website, phone, email, sMap3D or fax.

Testimonial Form

Once your final lens has been dispensed, you’ll complete final feedback & testimonial forms and credit will be issued to your account for the lens(es).

Visionary Optics SIGHTSUPPORT Program FAQs

Our program is open to any patient who may be struggling financially due to loss of job, low wages, no insurance or any of the in-between. We believe the gift of sight is a gift like no other.

We allow Eye Care Practitioners to utilize this program once a quarter (a total of 4 times a year). Please note, if you find yourself with a patient needing lens assistance in the interim, please contact us: or 877.533.1509.

Yes, we allow the application form to be submitted after an order has been placed if the patient lens is still within the warranty period. If you need assistance with this, please contact us: 877.533.1509.