Higher Order Aberrations (HOA – Wavefront) Correction – powered by the OVITZ xwave system – available on:



OVITZ® unique xwave aberrometer records a complete ocular measurement.


OVITZ® completes a comprehensive analysis and calculations.


A highly customized HOA optic is designed and sent to Visionary Optics.


The scleral lens with the OVITZ HOA optic is manufactured by Visionary Optics.


Higher Order Aberrations

Fitting Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – The OVITZ® xwave aberrometer is an all-in-one aberrometer that can provide all the necessary ocular and lens data in order to design and produce an effective wavefront guided lens. Visionary Optics uses the data from this aberrometer to integrate wavefront-corrected optics into our scleral lens designs.

Patients with corneal irregularities that have residual HOA affecting their visual performance using standard scleral lens designs. These patients often have reduced visual acuity and complain of ghosting, starbursts, and glare. Keratoconus patients will more likely have these issues because standard scleral lenses only correct for HOA from the front surface cornea, which results in uncorrected residual aberrations from the irregular corneal back surface. The primary and most disabling aberration for keratoconus patients is uncorrected coma.

The Visionary Optics HOA Team makes it as streamlined and efficient as possible for you and your patients. Either upfront or after the fitting is complete, let Visionary Optics know that you want to add the OVITZ® HOA optic. Please check out our Fitting Guide and Quickstart Video for further detail.

The OVITZ® xwave is sold as a subscription model. There are no finance costs, balloon payments, or service agreements. For a modest monthly subscription, any optometrist can add HOA measurement capabilities to their existing examination procedures. For specialist optometrists, their unlimited usage plan provides peace of mind on overhead costs.

Contact Felix Kim (CEO) directly at fkim@ovitz.us or info@ovitz.us. Additional information can also be found on their website (www.ovitz.us ) and YouTube channel.