For Every Day Refreshed Eyes

This cleansing solution is an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory clarifying treatment that will relieve symptoms of red, itchy eyelids, blocked Meibomian Glands, crusty eyelashes, irritated eyes, and contact lens complications.

Just like brushing your teeth every day, your patient’s eyes also require continuous cleaning and treatment. Have your patients make VibrantVue® Lid & Lash Cleanser part of their every day regimen for healthy eyes.

lid & Lash

Lid & Lash Cleanser

  • Prescription strength solution for healthy eyes
  • For everyday use – gentle & non-irritating
  • Each bottle contains a 3-month supply (3 oz)

We let the numbers do the talking.

Treatment of Dry Eye and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) with VibrantVue®

90% of dry eye is caused by MGD

Lid & Lash Care Benefits

Patient Benefits

  • Relieves itchy, red, irritated eyes
  • Eyes feel bright & clean
  • Soothing & cooling effect
  • Non-sensitizing, non-toxic, non-irritating
  • Effective, affordable, easy application process

Clinical/Scientific Benefits

  • 10 million times reduction in bacteria (safely & gently kills 99.9999999% of bacteria)
  • Anti-inflammatory effects have been shown to work through 5 different inflammatory pathways
  • Interrupts vicious cycle of MGD dry eye disease

Eye Care Practitioner

  • Rx only (ECP only)
  • Between 20 - 140% higher concentration than other available ocular HOCL products
  • 24-month shelf-life, 3-month supply at cost effective price
  • Ideal integration opportunity for both contact lens and dry eye practices

How can ECPs integrate VibrantVue® into their practice?


Prescribe VibrantVue® as a preventative treatment for Contact Lens Intolerance. This can apply to both new and returning patients to avoid irritation and keep eyes healthy.


Patients who use VibrantVue® Lid & Lash Cleanser daily can treat current MGD while relieving itchy, red, irritated eyes.


MGD management is vital to long-term contact lens success. Contact Lens Intolerance & MGD are both responsive to VibrantVue®’s antibacterial & anti-inflammatory effects.

The VibrantVue® Difference

Bacteria (& Blepharitis)

  • The active ingredient in VibrantVue® is a remarkable, broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent that is used by your body’s own white blood cells to fight infection
  • Kills bacteria on the lids and can be used as a lid scrub to remove debris


  • The anti-inflammatory effects of the active agent in VibrantVue® have been shown to work through 5 different inflammatory pathways


  • VibrantVue® helps to open up clogged Meibomian glands
  • That combined with the antibacterial &
    anti-inflammatory effects can dramatically improve the symptoms of dry eye disease

Frequently Asked Questions

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) can truly be considered a “miracle molecule”. It is a naturally occurring molecule made by your body’s own immune system to fight infection (50x more effective than bleach) and inflammation. In spite of its potent anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, it is totally safe for adults, children and pets. It is nontoxic, non-irritating and hypoallergenic.

VibrantVue® Lid & Lash Cleanser can be used to treat Dry Eye symptoms (the most common cause is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)) and can also be used to prevent and treat Contact Lens Intolerance (CLI). It has the ability to kill bacteria more effectively than bleach but without any eye or skin irritation. Users have reported improvement in symptoms within 1-3 weeks of initial use.

Research has shown that a major developmental component in most cases of MGD and CLI is blockage of the meibomian gland openings, with secondary lid infection (usually staph. aureus) and inflammation. Scrubbing the lash margins with VibrantVue® Lid Care will remove surface debris and help unclog the meibomian gland openings while simultaneously fighting the infection and inflammation without the stinging, burning, and irritation seen with other products.

Other uses for VibrantVue® Lid & Lash Care include:

Blepharitis: An American Academy of Ophthalmology report stated that the active ingredient in VibrantVue® is highly effective in the treatment of blepharitis.

Stys: Patients have reported the development of Stys decreased with use.

Demodex: An American Academy of Ophthalmology report stated that the active ingredient in VibrantVue®, which is HOCl, was of comparable benefit to 2 other standard treatments for this condition.

Rosacea: Doctors have reported an improvement in rosacea with the use of HOCl.

Allergy Symptoms: When allergies impact your patients’ eyes, the multiple symptoms often include itching, burning, redness and irritation. For contact lens wearers, symptoms can be even worse: contacts can trap pollen against the eye and create a protein build-up on the contact lens, which clouds vision. VibrantVue® Lid & Lash blocks 5 different inflammatory pathways including histamine, so it has “antihistamine” properties. Relieves the itching, burning, redness, irritation with a soothing, cooling, clean effect.

At-home prevention/treatment/maintenance (Cleanser Spray)

VibrantVue® Lid & Lash Cleanser can be used twice a day at home as a lid treatment/scrub. Have your patients apply 2 sprays to a cotton pad, close their eye, and wipe with gentle pressure across lids and lashes in a side-to-side motion for 10-20 seconds. The patients do not need to remove VibrantVue® off the lids after use; prolonged contact with the skin and lashes is beneficial. Just like your patients need to brush their teeth every day, their eyes also require continuous cleaning and treatment.

For those applying/wearing skincare and makeup, VibrantVue® Lid & Lash Cleanser should be used in the morning before applying products and in the evening on clean eyes.

VibrantVue® Lid Care is an excellent addition to an existing dry eye or eye wellness regimen! It can be used with artificial tears and ointments, Restasis, biologic agents like Regener-Eyes, and even lid exfoliation devices, LipiFlow and other similar systems, as well as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

VibrantVue® Lid & Lash Cleanser is non-toxic, non-irritating, and hypoallergenic and is safe to use around the eyes, skin, and face. It is totally nontoxic to adults, children, and pets. There are no preservatives (which can irritate your patients’ eyes). VibrantVue® Lid & Lash is not an antibiotic or steroid, so your patients can use it every day without the risk of resistance.

YES, it is a natural product! The active ingredient in VibrantVue® Lid & Lash Care is made by your body’s own white blood cells to fight infection, minimize inflammation, and neutralize toxins released by bacteria.

NO, there have been no reported side effects with VibrantVue® however Hypochlorous (HOCl) is in the chlorine family of antimicrobial agents so any of your patients who might be extremely sensitive to chlorine should be aware of this.

The expiration date is stamped on each bottle and is 24 months from the date of manufacture. Unlike some other HOCl products, VibrantVue® Lid & Lash Care does not lose effectiveness when the bottle is opened so you & your patients can have confidence in its long-term cleansing ability.

VibrantVue® Lid & Lash Cleanser spray is prescription strength (but does not require you to write a prescription for your patient) providing more active agent per ounce than any other product on the market (up to 140% more).

It is specially manufactured to have a long (2 year) shelf life.

It is sold in a cost-effective 3 oz (3-month supply) size providing value to the patient and the Eye Care Practitioner.

Unlike most of our competitors, VibrantVue® is sold only through Eye Care Practitioners and is intended as a practice revenue generator; Visionary Optics is your partner, not your competitor.

No. Bleach is a highly alkaline (basic pH of 11 to 13), highly irritating mixture of products including 3% to 8% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCL, 30,000 TO 80,000 parts per million [PPM]). VibrantVue® has only 10 PPM of sodium hypochlorite (3,000 to 8,000 times lower than in bleach).

This concentration of sodium hypochlorite does not cause ocular irritation or sensitivity. As part of the FDA approval process, the VibrantVue® manufacturer was required to perform an ocular irritation study which found no evidence whatsoever of ocular irritation when VibrantVue® was applied to the eye.

The tiny amount of sodium hypochlorite in VibrantVue® performs a valuable function in helping to stabilize the pH of the product at 6.7, slightly less than neutral pH, for best skin comfort while providing the antimicrobial properties that HOCl is known for. Sodium hypochlorite works in conjunction with the manufacturer’s proprietary formulation process and ingredients to maximize HOCl effectiveness and also keep the pH stable over time.

NO. As mentioned above, the tiny amount of sodium hypochlorite in VibrantVue® acts to stabilize pH and enhance shelf life after opening the product. The product advertised as “pure HOCL” is only useful for 28 days after opening, while VibrantVue® lasts dramatically longer after first use.

NO. HOCl likes glass better in that it is easier to formulate and there is less likelihood of oxidation in using glass bottles, theoretically improving stability, however, there is an increased risk of breakage in shipment and use. VibrantVue® Lid Care is sold in plastic bottles that are unique to the manufacturer’s HOCl line. The company uses special materials throughout the manufacturing process to minimize HOCl degradation and enhance stability. Bottle material, plastic resin, dip tubes, and closure system are all tested in final packaging to ensure enhanced real-time stability over time.

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