Launch of the VibrantVue® Product Line

Visionary Optics launched the company’s VibrantVue® product line which offers high-quality, cost-effective products for eye care practitioners (ECPs) and their patients. Visionary Optics has collaborated with ABB Optical Group (ABB), a leading provider of optical products and business solutions in the eye care industry. Products include VibrantVue® Scleral Saline Solution, VibrantVue® Hand..Read More

Latitude® Scleral

Again, in collaboration with the POM team, at 2019 GSLS, Visionary Optics introduced the Latitude® scleral lens, the first such lens to be completely custom made to exactly fit the corneal and scleral surfaces based upon scleral topography (sMap3DTM) measurements.

sMap3D™ Corneo-Scleral Topographer

Dr. Donald Sanders and Dr. Greg DeNaeyer, in collaboration with a team of engineers and software specialists, founded Precision Ocular Metrology (POM) to develop the sMap3D™ Corneo-Scleral Topographer. This collaboration has been highly successful because the team, from the beginning, had clinical, manufacturing, consulting, and research expertise in scleral lenses..Read More

Europa Scleral

Dr. Greg DeNaeyer and Eric Marshall, our VP of Manufacturing & Lead Consultant, worked together to design the Europa Scleral lens. This design was the first 2nd generation product of a successful 1st generation lens (Jupiter). The growth and acceptance of our Europa lens was spectacular and now constitutes 85%..Read More