Euclid Vision Announces Acquisition of Visionary Optics

Euclid Vision Corp., a global leader in advanced orthokeratology and proactive myopia management initiatives, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Visionary Optics, a specialty scleral contact lens design and distribution pioneer. The acquisition signifies Euclid’s recognition of the value of joining forces with Visionary Optics, the only company in the US that concentrates almost exclusively on scleral contact lenses. The union of these two companies increases each establishment’s ability to provide comprehensive specialty contact lens care to more patients globally.

Why a Consultant is Essential to the Scleral Lens Fitting Process

Scleral lens consultants play an essential role in this fitting process; as trained experts in scleral lens design and manufacturing, they bridge the gap between the clinic and the fabrication of customized scleral lenses. Consultants also help design and troubleshoot scleral lens fits to achieve maximum comfort and vision for patients while minimizing the overall chair time.