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Visionary Optics Introduces the Europa Scleral lens with Universal Fit Technology

The Europa Scleral lens is a true scleral lens that is designed to deliver optimized fit, comfort, and vision for successfully managing patients with a wide range of irregular corneal conditions and ocular surface disease.

With the Europa Scleral lens, Visionary Optics has refined its Jupiter Scleral technology and capitalized on the design tenets of a true scleral lens with the goal of improving fit and comfort. A modified scleral zone and enlarged optic zone are designed to optimize scleral landing and improve corneal vault. The new design also incorporates a reverse geometry curve to fit a wider range of corneas, simplifying the fitting process.

For more details and further information, please see visionary-optics.com/europa-scleral



Photo of the Visionary Optics diamond turned CNC machineVisionary Optics, LLC manufactures custom GP, Soft and Scleral contact lenses for Keratoconus, Irregular Cornea, Post Graft, Post RK, Post PRK, Dry Eye and Post Lasik Patients.

We have some of the most innovative lens designs on the market today. We are sure to have a design to fit your needs.


Please contact our consultants for design assistance at 877-533-1509. We can adjust the parameters of the lens to accommodate most situations.

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