The leader in scleral lens innovation and technology.

The support and information you need to advance patient care and increase your confidence as an advanced scleral lens fitter. Our exclusive and extensive knowledge of scleral shape provides the data you need to design optimized, data-driven lenses.

Read our sMap3D Success Stories and how it changed the way scleral lenses are fitted below.

Let Data Be Your Guide

One million measurement points.

Only one scleral lens company – and one device – offers that level of technological precision for mapping the shape of the eye.

Dr. Charrier -Family Vision Solutions

“Consistent with our mission of providing the most advanced treatment options to our highly complicated patient base, I believe the sMap3D is an integral treatment option for our patients.”

Dr. Randy Charrier, OD

SCoE Spotlight Dr. Lopez

“Information is power and the sMap3D™ gives the fitter the power to elevate scleral lens fittings from the dark ages of trial and error.”

Dr. Robert Lopez, OD

Dr. Brianna Rhue

“We have an 87% success rate with our first lens regardless of the complicated fit. Because of how much our patients adore the lens, we decided to switch many of our patients from other lens designs.”

Dr. Brianna Rhue, OD

The People Behind the Lenses: Donna Clark

As a customer service consultant, Donna assists doctors and their staff and plays an important role in product quality assurance. Donna has a background in customer support and enjoys taking great care of our customers.

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Euclid Vision Announces Acquisition of Visionary Optics

Euclid Vision Corp., a global leader in advanced orthokeratology and proactive myopia management initiatives, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Visionary Optics, a specialty scleral contact lens design and distribution pioneer. The acquisition signifies Euclid’s recognition of the value of joining forces with Visionary Optics, the only company in the US that concentrates almost exclusively on scleral contact lenses. The union of these two companies increases each establishment’s ability to provide comprehensive specialty contact lens care to more patients globally.

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The People Behind the Lenses: Yeni Santiago

Yeni Santiago supports doctors and their staff in the customer service and billing department, playing a significant role in assisting VibrantVue® patients. Joining in 2020, she brings an in-depth understanding of optometric practices to her role at Visionary Optics.

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