The consultants at Visionary Optics are great! We recently had a post-RK patient whose vision fluctuated a lot throughout the day. They made a very picky patient a very happy patient. Thanks for always being willing to rise to the challenge!

Kristen Yates, ODLittlefield Eye Associates

Visionary Optics has truly great consultants who give great advice when I am struggling with a difficult lens fit. They are incredibly patient and take the time to listen to my input. It always brightens my day speaking with them!

Karen Lee, ODUniversity Eye Institute

They provide practical, real-world advice that works. My scleral lens practice would not be where it is without them.

David Shin, ODGig Harbor Eye Care

VibrantVue® has earned a solid place in our Dry Eye Practice! We prescribe it to all of our patients that are experiencing any lid hygiene related issues and they love the convenience and relief they get!

Jeff Garcia, ODFamily Eye Care Optometry

With luck, we come across people in our lives who truly have an impact. Those who can help us achieve our potential consistently. A real partner. Thousands of patients later…I still trust them.

Dr. Charrier -Family Vision Solutions
Randy Charrier, ODSCRC Management, Inc.

Thank you for being the ones to give me the opportunity to see again & for taking care of those who want another chance.

Scleral Lens PatientBascom Palmer Eyecare

I’ve witnessed many people cry with joy in the exam room when they receive their scleral contact lenses and experience their new vision, and this was all made possible by the expert consulting that the Visionary Optics team provides.

Karina Conlin, ODUW Health Optical East

Every experience I have with Visionary Optics is so positive and this is the best company in my industry that I’ve ever worked with.

Renee Hanson, ODSwagel Wooten Eye Institute

I recently had a keratoconic patient wearing ill-fitting, uncomfortable corneal gas permeable lenses. Thanks to the team at Visionary Optics, we were able to provide him with scleral lenses that fit correctly, are very comfortable, and to use his words, resulted in ‘the best my vision has ever been.’ Thanks for all you do.

Jon Scott, ODBattleground Eye Center

The Visionary Optics family is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. My patients and my team always feel like we’re their top priority.

Eric To, ODLumen Optometric