I recently had a keratoconic patient wearing ill-fitting, uncomfortable corneal gas permeable lenses. Thanks to the team at Visionary Optics, we were able to provide him with scleral lenses that fit correctly, are very comfortable, and to use his words, resulted in ‘the best my vision has ever been.’ Thanks for all you do.

Jon Scott, ODBattleground Eye Center

They see cases through from start all the way to finish, they truly care about every patient and every single lens that they help design.

Elise Kramer, ODMiami Contact Lens Institute

The Visionary Optics family is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. My patients and my team always feel like we’re their top priority.

Eric To, ODLumen Optometric

Visionary Optics has been an incredible lab to work with from day one. The lenses they design are incredibly well-made, and their customer service is 5-star.

Stephanie L. Woo, ODContact Lens Institute of Nevada