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Keep Patients on Track!

At Visionary Optics, we strive to provide our partners (i.e. YOU) with all the tools needed for successful scleral lens fitting. In an effort to maximize order tracking and transparency, we have developed our new Patient Recall Report which gives insight to practices on which patients may be ready for their annual scleral lens exams (or who might be overdue for one). By keeping a pulse on patients, we can continue to encourage optimal lens replacement schedules and help maintain an individual’s ocular health.

Have questions? We have the answers!

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    Date Range

    Automated Patient Recall Reports will include orders that have not been re-placed within a year or longer. If you need a different date range, reach out to us and we can send you a customized recall report.

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    Design Key

    TAN = Europa Tangent
    EUR = Europa
    LAT = Latitude
    ELA= Elara
    KMAX, IKONE, REVGEO, SV = Corneal GP Designs
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    Lens ID#

    This is the unique, engraved serial # on the periphery of each patient lens. 2R means that this was the 2nd right lens within the previous warranty.

    S =  Spare Lens | M = Modification Lens

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    This lists the most recent provider whom each order was placed under.

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    Shipping Destination

    Office This order was shipped to one of the office locations on file for your account.
    Ship to Patient
    Your patient’s order was shipped directly to their previously specified home address.

Absolutely! We designed this functionality to be very flexible in terms of which Authorized Personnel at your Account receives these reports. Simply contact our Customer Service team (service@visionary-optics.com or 877.533.1509 x1) and they will make any requested adjustments.

There could be a few different reasons:

  1. The order was placed sooner than 1 year prior. Reminder that the automated reports include any orders processed within a year or longer (See section (1) above).
  2. The patient is wearing one of Visionary Optics’ designs, but may have been ordered under a separate lab.
  3. There is some other reason that we will work together to resolve.