The I-Kone™ is a corneal gas permeable design for keratoconus with anterior and posterior aspheric surfaces.  The posterior surface offers 4 zones intended to better conform to the shape of the keratoconic cornea.  The design offers the ability to adjust any of the 4 zones to closely contour the cornea and provide optimum edge lift.

The I-Kone™ offers 3 designs:

Standard Design offers a central steep zone and is great for mild to advanced keratoconus patients.

Globus Design offers a larger sagittal depth and is ideal for patients who have ectasia covering most of the cornea.

Pellucid/PKP Design is an adjustable reverse geometry that is great for patients who have peripheral ectasia or post corneal transplant.

Fitting Set

The I-Kone™ features are designed to provide:

  • Bi-surface Aspheric Design intended to eliminate aberrations
  • Enhanced Alignment fit
  • Improved comfort and centration
  • Larger optic zone for improved vision and reduced glare
  • 90 day unlimited exchange risk free warranty
Base Curves 3.94 to 8.65 mm
Diameters 8.8 to 11.8 mm
(9.6 mm, 10.4 mm, 11.0 mm standard)
Sphere Power -0.25 to -15.0 D in 0.25 D steps
  • Keratoconus or other cases of central corneal ectasia consequent to corneal graft, PRK, LASIK or trauma.
  • When alternative GP designs will not center or cause intolerable bearing forces on the central cornea.
  • 14 pre-designed lenses in 9.6 mm Diameter
  • 13 pre-designed lenses in 10.4 mm Diameter
  • Loaner Sets are available
Base Curves: 44.0 to 70.00 mm [in 2 D steps]
Typical range for peripheral curves (PC1): 6.4 to 7.8 mm
Typical range for Sphere Power: -6.0 D to -17.0 D

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