With over 10 years of experience in profilometry, we’re pleased to introduce our newest topographer designed for scleral lens fitting.

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Visionary Optics customers using profilometry achieved a remarkable 9x growth compared to those relying solely on fitting sets.

*based on 2018-2023 internal company data

Experience the TRUSTED Visionary Optics Team

Our newest profilometer streamlines the fitting process, eliminating time-consuming steps and enabling practitioners to show patients, in real-time, the unique shape of their eyes.

Our extensive experience in scleral shape imaging and lens design is unparalleled, with 40,000+ lenses designed using scleral profilometry and data from over 90 specialty lens practices. Our six scleral lens consultants share invaluable insights with our fitters using their extensive knowledge derived from virtually fitting thousands of lenses to unique scleral shapes.

Our laser-focused commitment to scleral lenses sets us apart—99% of our sales are scleral lenses. This focus allows our consultants to be some of the most knowledgeable in the industry and true partners in building a specialty lens practice.