Thank you for registering for our Europa Tangent Webinar event.

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday, March 28th, 2023 at 8 PM ET!

Key Takeaway #1

Learn what makes this enhanced landing zone curve a breakthrough in reducing compression and blanching.

Key Takeaway #2

Understand how the proven contour curve technology frees you to make precise adjustments without affecting other fitting characteristics.

Key Takeaway #3

Gain insight into the personalized service and support that Visionary Optics provides for you. Our knowledge is your power.

Webinar attendees will receive an exclusive discount & preferred scheduling opportunities for our newest 1:1, peer-to-peer Learning with Lynette sessions.

The Visionary Optics' Clinical Team

Lynette Johns

Lynette has been a key player in the specialty lens arena for more than two decades and is a national and international educator and lecturer on scleral lenses, irregular corneas, and severe ocular surface disease. Her specialty lens expertise encompasses scleral and rigid gas permeable to multifocal and orthokeratology lenses. Dr. Johns is the recipient of numerous accolades including the venerable Founders’ Award from the American Academy of Optometry section of Cornea, Contact Lenses, and Refractive Technologies; the EFCLIN Award of European Federation of Contact Lens and IOL Industry; and the Scleral Lens Society Fellow of the Year award.

Greg DeNaeyer

Greg DeNaeyer practices at Arena Eye Surgeons with an emphasis on specialty contact lenses. Dr. DeNaeyer was a co-founder and past president of the Scleral Lens Education Society and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. He is a contributing editor for Contact Lens Spectrum and a contributor to Review of Cornea and Contact Lenses and Optometric Management. Dr. DeNaeyer has lectured internationally on specialty contact lenses and was previously named GPLI and Scleral Lens Education Society practitioner of the year.


Our Europa Scleral design is customized to have a smoother, softer transition to the landing zone. The Tangent Design has been patterned after our free-form, data-driven lenses along with a streamlined step step system method for troubleshooting.