I-Kone: A Third Generation GP Lens for Keratoconus


  • Keratoconus or other cases of central corneal ectasia consequent to corneal graft, PRK, LASIK or trauma.
  • When alternative GP designs will not center or cause intolerable bearing forces on the central cornea


  • Bi-surface aspheric design: both the anterior and posterior surfaces are aspheric.
  • Posterior surface made up of 4 zones to conform to the shape of the conic cornea:
    • First (base) and second zones address the ectasia
    • Third and fourth zones form the peripheral curve system, allowing an alignment fit over the non-ectatic cornea and a comfortable edge lift.
  • Adjust any of the 4 Zones to closely contour the cornea and provide optimum edge lift.
  • Pressure points reduced because the bearing forces are distributed over a larger area, resulting in:
    • Better comfort
    • Better centration
  • Aspheric anterior surface computed with goal to eliminate induced aberrations.
  • Large optical zones designed to provide better vision and reduce glare.
  • Available in keratoglobus and pellucid marginal degeneration designs.
  • Standard diameters: 9.6 mm and10.4 mm (diameters from 8.8 to 12.5 mm also available).
  • Made in advanced polymer materials exhibiting excellent oxygen permeability and wettability.

Parameters Available

Base Curves Any
Diameters 8.8 to 12.5 mm
(9.6 mm, 10.4 mm, 11.0 mm standard)
Powers Manufactured To Order
Fitting Sets 14 lens: 44 D to 70 D

Designs Available

Standard Central Steep Zone Typical (mild or advanced)
Globus Large sagittal depth Ectasia of most of cornea
Pellucid/PKP Reverse geometry
Peripheral ectasia
Post-corneal transplant

Our guarantee: All lenses are manufactured to specification and free from defects.

Diagnostic Lens Fitting Method

  • Apply trial lens with BC closest to steepest K-reading.
    • If K-readings are not available or reliable, select the 56 D lens.
  • Instill fluorescein:
    • Flat lens will show heavy central touch—select steeper BC.
    • Steep lens will show excessive vault—select flatter lens.
    • Optimal BC will show light touch or slight vault.
  • Over-refract and order final lens power.
  • Evaluate edge lift and order in standardized steps—flatter or steeper—to provide optimum peripheral fit.



Please contact our consultants for design assistance at 877-533-1509. We can adjust the parameters of the lens to accommodate most situations.